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Project Management

We develop and execute your vision from scratch.

Art Direction

Our custom planning services will help you create unique, meaningful engagement.


We use exclusive tried and true techniques to help design unique strategies and content.


All of our work is 100% guaranteed to be pixel perfect to your specifications for your business.

Alison Ramer

I am a communications professional, digital designer and social entrepreneur that lives between cultures and continents at the intersection of art, technology and social change. I have a background in project management, digital design and content management and have worked on projects big and small — from work with solo entrepreneurs working on a shoe string to large organizations with multi-million dollar budgets.

My ideal clients are visionary entrepreneurs or teams at the start-up phase of their new products, projects, companies or organizations.

I love learning new things and frequently share my daily discoveries on facebook. I am a certified front end developer with ten years of experience with WordPress. Passionate about writing, photography and sketching for several years, you can see a sample of my daily snaps on instagram.

  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Development
  • Project Management

Developer Skills: CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Node, JQuery, GitHub, JQuery, SQL, Bootstrap
Design Skills: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Balsamiq, Moqups
Content Management: WordPress, Hootsuite, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Google Analytics
Project Management: Agile, BaseCamp, Asana, Trello
Communication: Skype, GotoMeeting, Slack


I have worked with artists, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, non-profits and international organizations in the United States, Middle East and Europe.  My ideal clients are visionary entrepreneurs or teams at the start-up phase of their new products, projects, companies or organizations.

Art & Design
4 Art and Adventure
Kathleen Kemly

Health & Wellness
Amelie De Mahy Acupuncture
Institute of Complementary Medicine

Products & Services
CommuniTea Kombucha
EVOLVE Organic Salon

Progressive Tech
LookUp Page

Law & Consulting
Pinchot & Company
Myer Corporate Law
Metz Law

International Development
World Vision

Re-Think Green
Grassroots Jerusalem
Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee
The Parent’s Circle Families Forum
Guidance Training and Counseling Center

Technology Tutor & Branding Guru

“Part life-coach, part technology tutor, part branding guru, Alison is a wonderful resource for anyone working on making their business dream a reality.”

Julia Deak, Re-Think Green

Excellent Manager And Team Player

“It has been a pleasure working under Alison’s supervision. She was an excellent manager and works extremely well in a team setting. I could always count on Alison to ensure that deadlines were met and that our products were the highest quality possible.

Rachel Smith, Grassroots Jerusalem

Executes Projects From A To Z

“Alison  is communicative, organized, creative, and well-connected. She is dependable and is able to execute projects from A to Z successfully and efficiently. I invited her to speak on several occasions and she charmed visitors with her compassion and personality.”

Alexandra Saieh, World Vision (client)

Big Picture Concepts & Real World Plans

Alison is a brilliant creative professional with the ability to create big picture concepts and then break those concepts down into real world plans. Alison’s high-level technical abilities and skills are great for any entrepreneurial project.”

Matthew Metz, Coltura (client)

Problem Solving

“Alison’s creativity, technical savvy and problem-solving skills can be applied to a number of entrepreneurial projects and endeavors. This in combination with her positive attitude and multi-cultural experience makes working with her a real pleasure. I’d recommend her to anyone who is looking for a talented, versatile team player.” 

Itamar Weizman, Cool Cousin (client, colleague)