Social Change Studios is a full service design + development studio
focused on the needs of people and the planet.

We help individuals and organizations create social change.

We are interested in people’s behavior and 
services, products and experiences that can help them live better.

We Think

Our design philosophy is based on the idea that good design is participatory,
that emergent strategic thinking is smart and that marketing should be done mindfully.

Our talents are used to co-create projects and products that support a better future for people and our planet. In particular, we love hard to solve or wicked problems and are developing expertise in this field. This includes intractable conflict, climate change and gentrification.

We Are

Alison Ramer

Alison is passionate about art and social change. She founded Social Change Studies after spending ten years working with artists, social entrepreneurs and leaders in the public and private sectors in the Middle East and Europe. Her clients and employers have included Oxfam, World Vision, the British Council and several grassroots organizations. To see her full professional CV please visit LinkedIn.

A lover of the city and society, she spends her free time documenting the city and creating personal art work.