JuliaAboutJulia had always been passionate about sustainable living and cross cultural relationships but couldn’t find a way to transition from her career as an English as a Second Language professor to something that could bring together both parts of her life.

Inspired by a vibrant community of sustainability bloggers, Julia wanted to develop a new future for herself that included blogging and working with people on issues of sustainability professionally.

In order to support Julia, Social Change Studios worked with her to develop a business plan that included income generated by writing and teaching about sustainability. Although there are no quick results for this kind of transition, we conducted market research that helped Julia determine what content would be best for her target audiences and what she could potentially profit on without compromising her values.

Together we also created a brand identity and online presence — website and social media — that reflected Julia’s vision and appealed to her target audience.

What Julia had to say:

“Part life-coach, part technology tutors, part branding gurus, Alison is wonderful resources for anyone working on making their business vision a reality. They say a goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline, and thanks to their planning and experienced guidance, my dream to develop a sustainable lifestyles blog has become a reality.” – Julia at Re-Think Green