Social Change Studios is a full service digital design + development studio
focused on people and the planet’s needs.


Alison Ramer

Alison founded Social Change Studies after spending ten years working with artists, social entrepreneurs and leaders in the public and private sectors to create social change. Originally from Seattle, Alison spent over a decade on the east coast and in the Middle East before returning home. She spent her first year in Seattle (2015) reacquainting herself with the city — listening to community members needs and brainstorming ways to contribute to the community with her communications, design and community development experience.

On a daily basis she can be found walking between Ravenna and Greenlake visiting several of her clients and family members located on Roosevelt Way. A lover of the city and society, she spends her free time plotting social change strategies and art installations with neighbors and working on her forthcoming graphic novel, Alis in Blunderland. You can follow her daily musings on instagram or facebook and see some of her personal works here.

To view her CV, please see her profile on LinkedIn

IMG_0937Marcos Diaz

Marcos is a social strategist and developer with a passion for describing society using mathematics and open source technologies. Combining his background in mathematics, computer science and physics, with studies and experience working in international diplomacy, he creates and manages systems that provide unique analysis and solutions for his clients toughest problems.

On a daily basis he can be found utilizing and developing open source technology, writing political analysis for Rebeldia, a political journal he co-founded, and sharing his knowledge of history with his friends and family. Born in Madrid, he has lived and worked in Russia, Israel and Palestine and the United States.

To view his CV please visit him on LinkedIn