A busy organic salon in Seattle, EVOLVE’s owner was ready IMG_2902to mature her business. She knew that due to construction she would need to move her salon in the next three years.

In order to determine the best way for EVOLVE to grow, Social Change Studios developed a five year strategic plan and conducted market research to help her decide where to invest her time and money.

As a result of our work, EVOLVE was able to identify a way to double the income the business was generating and prepare the salon for to move to a new space. We also developed a business plan and several iterations that  could be used when applying for a new lease and financing.

5yearinvitepostcard-04Social Change Studios also supported EVOLVE in the transition to their new business model by developing a transition plan which included facilitating a hiring process and supporting existing staff with the salon’s transition.

Lastly, Social Change Studios provided EVOLVE organic salon with a redesign of their branding materials, including their website, facebook and instagram. 

Today, Social Change Studios and management of their social media presence and preparing EVOLVE to launch an online shop. We also provide strategic consulting, maintain EVOLVE’s web presence and facilitate quarterly meetings with EVOLVE’s staff.